Dear Students !
A computer training school in Malta offer students from EU and Non EU to follow English Language training and ICT training at our premises. HORIZON 2000 Computer Training Centre has been established since 1999, and through our path we developed a land mark in ICT and also English tuition in our program of studies in Malta.
We would like to offer you the opportunity of sending students from your University to learn English at our School in Malta. ICT is also offering to train students in the on the job training program for ICT while their stay in Malta, if you have students that need to attend in our ICT program, combined with the English literacy.
All students that attend would also have the opportunity apart from learning English also to have experience in ICT especially in ICT techniques of hands on. We are aware that most of the students would like to learn English and thus this opportunity would benefit all students from your University to learn colloquial English during their stay.
Feel free to send us your opinion and then we can proceed on having your requests in such a program.
On behalf of the Director, Mr Martin Sultana, would like to thank you for your feed back and looking forward to have such replies.



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