Purposes and directions of work of the Methodological Council of the Perm State Technical Universit

The Methodological Council of the State Primary Educational Institution “Priazovsky State Technical University” is a permanent collegial advisory body to coordinate the activities of all university departments, which defines the main directions of methodological work on improving the efficiency and quality of higher education, the scientific foundations of the organization and management of the educational process, modern technologies, forms and methods of teaching, improving the pedagogical skills of scientific and pedagogical workers University Cove

The purpose of the Methodological Council is to organize, coordinate and control methodological work aimed at ensuring the high quality of teaching at the university in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents.

The main activities of the Methodological Council are:

  • development of a strategy for the methodological activities of the university in the context of entering the European educational space;
  • determining the main directions of the methodological support of the educational process at the university, improving the content of higher education, taking into account the trends in the development of the national education system, compiling and introducing advanced educational technologies;
  • coordination of the development of higher education standards of the university as part of the system of standards of higher education in Ukraine;
  • organization of methodological work at the university and control over the compliance of its indicators with the standards of higher education and accreditation requirements;
  • management of work to improve the organization and methods of teaching academic disciplines;
  • compilation and dissemination of experience in the organization of educational and methodological work of faculties, departments and leading teachers of IHE “PSTU”examination of the curricula of all areas of teaching and educational qualification levels for compliance with industry standards and the development of recommendations for their improvement;
  • providing explanations, interpretations, consultations on the application of regulatory documents on educational and methodical work;
  • the introduction of innovative teaching methods, the latest educational methods and technologies, modern hardware and software products;
  • promoting the continuous development of pedagogical skills of scientific and pedagogical workers.

Leading experts and scientists working in the departments and other departments of the university are involved in the work of the educational and methodical council. The work of the council is based on the annual plan

The frequency of council meetings is the last Wednesday of the month.

Drafting Commission of the State Higher Educational Institution “PSTU” under the Methodological Council of IHE “PSTU”

The editorial commission of the State Higher Educational Institution “PGTU” was created with the aim of organizing an examination of printed and electronic publications on the provision of the “Recommended by the Methodological Council of the High Technical University PSTU ”. The editorial committee interacts with the academic council of the university, dean’s offices, departments and other structural subdivisions of the university.

Functions of the editorial commission:

To obtain the stamp “Recommended by the methodological council of the State Higher Educational Institution PSTU ””, the editorial board examines the methodological work in the disciplines taught at the university.

Commission for assessing the quality of pedagogical excellence at the Methodological Council IHE “PSTU”

The commission for assessing the quality of pedagogical excellence under the methodical council of IHE “PSTU” was established to check the quality of educational services and create a continuous process of improving the quality of educational activities and the quality of higher education at the University.

The policy of ensuring the quality of educational services is the University’s activities aimed at the best implementation of the IHE “PSTU” mission to fulfill the objectives of the development strategy, the university’s desire to achieve a level of activity without remarks about its quality and the quality of education.

The purpose of the commission for assessing the quality of pedagogical excellence is to provide high-quality educational services in all areas of the educational activities for applicants of higher education at the University. This goal assumes that all results and recommendations of the commission will be taken into account in further activities.