September 6-7, 2018 Pryazovsky State Technical University hosted Alexander Sikorsky, a third-year student of the Yale University, one of the oldest and most prestigious American universities, situated in New Haven, Connecticut, USA. Being a Pole in origin and having Ukrainian origins too, Alexander was very interested in the history of Ukraine.

Exactly the history of our country and the self-identification of the Ukrainian citizens  became the subject of researches of American student. After meeting with the Prof. V’yacheslav Voloshyn,  Rector of Priazovsky State Technical University and representatives of the administration a round table with the participation of Vice-rector on science  and pedagogics Oleksander  Cheylyah, Oksana Tashkinova,  Head of the Department of Sociology and Social Work, Viktoriya Gonchar,  Head of the Department of Marketing and Business Administration and  Oleksandr Kalinin and Tatyana Gorokhova, teachers of her department,  was took place at the Department of International Projects. The main topic of the round table were Ukraine and Ukrainians, how have  they changed over the past years, what are the prospects for the region’s development and how young people relate to their future.

The next day was devoted to city tours.  Alexander commented that patriotism of citizens, positive attitude towards future and generally Mariupol as a city exceeded his expectations and  he  really gained a lot from the visit to our university and Mariupol. He also showed great hopes for further cooperation.

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