In the framework of the visit to Priazovskyi State Technical University, Prof. Fathy Osman Toughan, the Head of the Department of Natural Sciences of the Tabbin Institute For Metallurgical Studies, Deputy Head of the Union of Arabian Association of Graduates of Universities of the Commonwealth of Independent States countries (Cairo, Egypt), conducted the meeting with the students and academic staff of the Metallurgical Faculty of PSTU on December 12, 2018. Prof.

Fathy  Osman Toughan  provided listeners  insight into  the metallurgical production of Egypt and the prospects of cooperation with Ukraine, one of the major industrialized countries.

Students were interested in the revival of cooperation between the PSTU and the Tabbin Institute For Metallurgical Studies, as well as the possibility of taking practice in the metallurgical enterprises of Egypt within the framework of the agreement between the universities.

In conclusion of the meeting Fathy Osman Toughan told the students  about years spent at PSTU as a student and PhD, expressed the words of support to our university and the hope for further fruitful cooperation.


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