Tatyana Gorokhova , Associate Professor of  the Department of Marketing and Business Administration  of PSTU was selected  as the online evaluator  for the Diamond-Challenge project (USA).

The Diamond Challenge is implemented in Ukraine by Charity Fund ICEPP

Since December 2017 she was the participant in the course of online lectures and seminars on the specifics of this project. 236 evaluators from around the world will evaluate the projects of young people from 25 countries. The evaluation process will take place from January 12-29, 2018. Each evaluator will evaluate 5 projects on certain criteria and give their recommendations.

The Diamond Challenge provides a unique opportunity for schoolchildren  and students to learn about entrepreneurship by transferring  their ideas into reality. While many entrepreneurship programs focus on the principles of small business management, the Diamond Challenge focuses on a creative approach, encouraging thinking and self-determination, as well as at targeted entrepreneurial activities.

Developed by the University of Delaware Horn Entrepreneurship (USA) in 2012, the Diamond Challenge is supported by an academic foundation, using the most advanced methods of entrepreneurship education.

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