We train professionals for effective management!


Training at the expense of the state budget or at the expense of individuals / legal entities.

Introduction based on the results of the independent external evaluation:

  • Ukrainian language and literature
  • mathematics
  • history of Ukraine / foreign language / geography / physics / chemistry / biology

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The Department of Innovation and Management trains a new generation of managers, who have a task to renew and develop the economy of the Donetsk region and the country as a whole. For twelve years of existence by teachers of the department:

  • • more than 400 articles were published in domestic and foreign publications;
  • • more than 200 qualified managers employed in metallurgy, mechanical engineering, construction, tourism, restaurant and show business, financial sector, central and local authorities were released;


Training of specialists of the second (master’s) level is carried out on the following specialties and educational programs (1 year 4 months):

  • 073 “Management”, educational program “Management”


Training of specialists of the second (master’s) level is carried out on the following specialties and educational programs (1 year 4 months):

  • 073 “Management”, educational program – “Project Management”;
  • 073 “Management”, educational program – “Management of organizations and administration”;

Form of study: full-time, part-time, distance.

Financing: budget, contract.

Advantages of studying at the department:

  • various forms of education
  • a wide range of professions
  • professional teaching staff
  • individual approach to each student
  • practice and internship abroad
  • access to a huge basis of information resources
  • using the interactive teaching methods
  • the possibility of indepth study of a foreign language in a professional direction
Студенти кафедри Кафедра інноватики та управління
Students of the Faculty of Economics participate in the hackathon Formula for success


Соціальні мережі

Зворотній зв’язок


    Amelnytska Olena Volodymyrivna
    Amelnytska Olena Volodymyrivna
    Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Innovation and Management

    Amelnytska Olena Volodymyrivna

    Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Innovation and Management

    Контактная информация

    • Электронная почта: amelnytska_o_v@pstu.edu, olena.amelnytska@gmail.com
    • Телефон: +38(050)470 57 71



    Практика здобувачів кафедри «Інноватика та управління» проходить:

    • ПАТ «ДТЕК Донецькі електромережі»;
    • Маріупольське комунальне підприємство Зеленого будівництва;
    • ТОВ НВО з ІІ «Укртрубоізол»;
    • ТОВ «Метінвест Холдінг»;
    • ПАТ «АрселорМіттал Кривий Ріг»


    Адміністрація морських портів України
    Маріупольська інвестиційна компанія МИГ
     ПАТ "Маріупольгаз"
    Логотип Азовмаш

    ? Graduates of the department are employed in key companies in the field of telecommunications and informatization, and other industries.

    Salary after training is an average of 15-30 thousand UAH.

    A graduate in management can work in positions

    • head of enterprises and his deputy
    • head of financial, economic, administrative, analytical, information departments
    • head of tourist, hotel, trade, insurance organizations
    • managerial and economic consultant.
    • employee of the management staff of central state and regional government agencies, enterprises, institutions and organizations
    • employee of consulting centers, consulting organizations, technology parks and innovation structures
    • specialist of innovation funds and innovative financial and credit institutions
    • leading specialist of research and production complexes
    • specialist of financial and industrial group

    Areas of work

    Advantages of studying at the department “INNOVATIONS AND MANAGEMENT”

    • nclusion in the educational process of trainings and disciplines that meet the modern requirements of employers;
    • focus on applied aspects of learning;
    • organization of end-to-end practice at enterprises of production and non-production spheres for acquisition of professional competencies;
    • formation of comprehensively developed and active youth through the involvement of students in student government, volunteering and participation in sports and entertainment activities.


    • State and regional administration
    • Administrative management
    • Management
    • Operations management
    • Self-management
    • Strategic management
    • Theory of organization
    • Management of industrial enterprises
    • Economic analysis
    • Information systems in management
    • Management decisions
    • Project management
    • Forecasting in management
    • Communication policy of the enterprise
    • Risk in management
    • Rhetoric and communication
    фото стедента кафедры инноватики и управления

    In the specialty 073 “Management” we produce highly qualified creative leaders with modern knowledge, tools and methods that can solve the problem of effective management of business processes in the field of innovation, taking into account the characteristics of entrepreneurship in the region and the country as a whole; solve organizational and administrative, financial, economic and socio-psychological problems that are able to form a personnel strategy in modern conditions, recruit, select, evaluate staff, develop an effective system of motivation and payment, create favorable conditions for training and self-development of enterprise staff, develop a plan communication management, which are able to ensure compliance of enterprises with the requirements of international quality standards, which are able to make effective practical decisions in the management of public and private enterprises, etc.


    The practice of students of the department “Innovation and Management” is:

    • Departments of Mariupol City Council,
    • startup centers,
    • •PJSC MK Azovstal, PJSC MMK named after Ilyich “, PJSC” Azovelectrostal “,
    • Mariupol sea trade port,
    • Silpo-FOOD LLC,
    • international companies (including spin-off, spin-out);
    • enterprises of the small and medium business sector of the Donetsk region.

    International relations

    The Department of Innovation and Management is actively engaged in international activities, which is an integral part of quality training, taking into account the latest global and European trends; As a result of the development of international activities, the department gets access to innovative teaching methods and foreign experience in various fields, as well as to intensify student exchange with foreign partners, participate in international projects and programs, and, accordingly, integrate into the international research community. .

    Students of our department undergo internships (trainings) at the Krakow Polytechnic University. Tadeusz Kosciuszko (Poland) in the framework of the International Project in the following disciplines:

    • «Project Management»,«Transferable Skills,
    • «Thin Films in Energy Saving Technologies»,
    • «Materials From Renewable Sources», etc.,
    • Workshops: Eco Audit Tool and CES EduPack.

    Student Life