• Dean Yurii Georgievich Sahirov, Cand.Sc. (Engineering)
  • tel: +38 0629 446545
  • +38 0629 446097fax: +38 0629 342340E-mail: indek@pstu.edu

History of the faculty

Teaching of foreign citizens at Priazovskyi State Technical University(formerly Zhdanov institute of Metallurgy)first started in 1973, when 11 Polish 9 German and Mongolian students were enrolled, who later successfully graduated and got their diplomas. The deans of the faculty, who contributed much to this difficult, crucial but very important task were: Dyana Fedorovna Rogayeva (1973-1976), Alexey Ivanovioch Belyi (1976-1981), Vyacheslav Ivanovich Royanov (1981-1983), Alexander Ivanovich Maystyruk (1983-1986), Fedor Ivanovich Gavrilov (1986-1997), Vitalyi Nickolayevich Evchenko (1997-2004) and Iirina Fedorovna Marchenko (2004-2010).

The faculty of engineering and language training was set up in 2009 and comprises three departments : Foreign languages department, department of humanities and language training of foreign citizens and the Department of general education disciplines. Since the year of 2010 the faculty is headed by Yurii Georgievich Sahirov.

Over 1,500 foreign citizens have been trained at the university since 1976.  Diplomas of Masters and Specialists were granted to 820 foreign students, certificates of completion of the course of language training were granted to 650 foreign students , that giving them an opportunity to continue their education at PTSU and other higher schools. Over 70 students completed a post graduate course and obtained doctorate degrees at PTSU, having defended their doctor’s theses at the departments of Cast iron, Steel metallurgy, Metal science and heat treatment, Thermal physics and many others. Alongside with traditional forms of tuition the practice of probation training became immensely popular and it allowed more than 30 foreign students to improve their knowledge of Russian and other technical subjects. As time went by Priazovskyi State Technical University became a big centre of training of international specialist for foreign countries. Geography of foreign students was gradually enlarged. For the period exceeding 40 years span students from 68 countries of the world studies at PSTU: Poland, Germany, Cuba, Greece, China, Turkey, India, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Cameroon, Kenya, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Venezuela, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Mongolia, Tunisia, Peru, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Colombia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and many others.

Requirement for enrollees

The university enrolls foreign citizens, having legal right to stay in Ukraine and possess an invitation for education (such invitations are issued at the Dean’s office) and also have

  • complete secondary education for training at preparatory courses  and Bachelor’s degree in condition of their fluent knowledge of Ukrainian (Russian);
  • basic higher education (on the basis of Bachelor’s diploma in case of equivalence of educational documents) for further obtaining the Specialist’s or Master’s degree.

A foreigner has to submit the following documents for enrolling:

  1. An invitation;
  2. Application paper-questionnaire;
  3. The original and a copy of the certificate of previous education;
  4. The original and a copy of the document (supplementary to the education certificate), containing information, regarding his/her progress in courses;
  5. Academic reference paper, issued by foreign/Ukrainian educational institution (in case of his/her transfer from another institution, or he/she resumes studying, beginning from the second year of studying);
  6. The original and a copy of the document, containing the information regarding the  curriculum for his/her previous degree, the amount of credits received, duration of tuition and progress in subjects taught, gained for his/her previous degree for entering Master’s course or for post-diploma education;
  7. A copy of foreigner’s passport, or a document , verifying the identity of a person, who has no citizenship;
  8. A valid insurance policy (except persons, arrived from countries with which agreements on free urgent medical aid were concluded);
  9. 12 photographs3.5 х 4.5mm in size (not glossy).

Foreign citizens, entering the post-graduate course have to submit an assay on his/her chosen speciality or a list of published scientific works and inventions, having official verification at applicants’ residence place.

The documents listed in items 2-6 of this part have to be translated into Ukrainian, the translation is to be verified by a notary.

The documents are to be verified in the country of their issue in a manner, officially practiced for such verification and legalized in this country by a corresponding diplomatic office of Ukraine, unless otherwise specified by international agreements of Ukraine.

Tuition at the university

For foreign citizens, who have no proficiency of Ukrainian (Russian) there exists Preparatory department, where they can get within a year a necessary training required for further studying at PSTU in Ukrainian (Russian), mathematics, physics, chemistry, information science and other subjects, depending upon their chosen curriculum: technical engineering, humanities, economic or medicine
The students, who complete the course at the preparatory department pass their graduation examinations and are entitled to get state certificates, by which the right to continue studying at the main faculties of higher education institutions in Ukraine and at post graduate courses  is granted to them.

Studying at the main faculties

PSTU trains at its main faculties in basic curricula and grants Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Academic programmes include both fundamental and special subjects and provide practical training
The academic year commences on September 1st and is over on June 30th. Duration of study for Bachelor’s degree is 4 years, for Master’s degree-1.5 year (after Bachelor’s diploma) with defense of Master’s work (project).

Post graduate course and Doctorate course

Foreign citizens can take post graduate or Doctorate courses at PSTU for preparation and defense of their theses for Candidate’s or Doctor’s degrees. Duration of training there is 4 years; applicants must present a certificate of completion the preparatory department. At PSTU there is a special council for defense of Candidate’s and  Doctor’s theses  in some branches of science, like economics, mechanics, iron and steel science, welding and transportation.

Practical and probation training

Foreign citizens and students have an opportunity to get some practical or probation training in different specialities, taught at PSTU. The terms and costs of such training are determined individually, according to the existing legislation

Students are entitled to reside at students’ hostels. Each block of the student’s hostel consists of 4 rooms, equipped with necessary furniture. In each block there is a kitchen, lavatories, sinks and bathrooms. Hostels are equipped with all for comfortable residence and have security guards, laundry, and Internet connections. Those eager to go in for sports can be enrolled into various sports sections

Required costs and payment

The course of study at the preparatory department is 700 US dollars.

The costs of further study: Bachelor’s course –up to 900-1,300 US dollars per one year, Master’s course- up to 2,200 US dollars for 18 months.

PSTU does not pay any stipends or grants to foreign students, unless otherwise is specified by international agreements.

The residence costs at hostels is 350 US dollars per one year (for one person in a room for 2), or 550 US dollars per one year (for a single room).

The list of domestic enterprises, with which agreements (contracts) on provision of training of foreign citizens are concluded:

  1. “Advanta” private enterprise, Director: Evheniy Anatolyevich Golubov (Zaporozhie).
  2. “Enderit Educazioem Consultores” limite liability society. Director: Victoria Olegovna Gapon. (Nikolaev).
  3. “Ukrainian Consilium of International Education” limited liability society, director: Michael Victorovich Izuimskiy.(Kyiv).