Having obtained a speciality at our department You will be able to work at any branch of economy and take well-balanced managerial decisions. Our graduates possess the highest chances under conditions of nowadays economy

Our competitive advantages include:

  • most up-to-date material basis;
  • profound professional studying of a foreign language;
  • individual approach to every student;
  • an access to Internet;
  • an opportunity to participate in international competitions, programmes and probation trainings;
  • modern library;
  • contemporary computer classes;
  • a comfortable hostel.

Training of the first (bachelor’s) level specialist is carried out in the following specialists and tuition programmes (3 years 10 months):

Specialists of the second (master’s) level is carried out in the following specialists and tuition programmes (1 year 4 months):

Type of studying: full-time, extra-mural, distance tuition.

Type of financing: budgetary financing, on contract basis.

More detailed information regarding ENTRANCE in 2020: pstu.edu/uk/vstup/informacziya-pro-pryjom

The staff


Капранова Лариса Григорівна
Капранова Лариса Григорівна

Капранова Лариса Григорівна

завідувачка кафедрою економічної теорії та підприємництва, кандидат економічних наук, доцент

Контактная информация

  • Электронная почта: kapranova_l_g@pstu.edu
  • Телефон: +380 (629) 44-63-46, +38 (098) 258-94-47



Areas of possible job placement of our graduates

  • private business owner
  • agency holder: insurance, advertising, real estate etc;
  • head of a enterprise in the domain of human services etc.;
  • director of a small trade firm;
  • shop manager;
  • head of a trade hall;
  • manager in wholesale or retail trade;
  • specialist in exchange trade, broker or dealer;
  • specialist in exchange market operations;
  • trade broker (stockbroker) or the like.

International links

The department cooperates extensively with foreign universities. It has links not only in the science sphere, but also in students exchange.  In 2014 within the framework of “Erasmus Mundus” international project (EEC educational programme) the department concluded an agreement on cooperation with Managerial Academy, named after D.A. Tsenov (Bulgaria), in accordance to which our students have an opportunity to study during one term in Bulgaria. Also concluded were agreements with Kaunas Technological University (Lithuania) and Gori State Educational University, Gori, Georgia on research.

Students’ life

The contacts unit

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