The department of economic theory and business undertaking trains specialists at educational and qualification level of a “bachelor” and a “master”.

Branch of knowledge:  07 Managing and administering

Speciality: 076 Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activities.

Terms of training:

– bachelor’s degree

  • For bachelor’s degree (Training program “Bachelor on Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activities”) – 3 years 10 months, full time training;

– master’s degree

  • For master’s degree (Training program “Quality, standardization and certification”) – 1.4 years, full time training;
  • For master’s degree (Training   program “Intellectual property”) – 1.4 years, full time and extra-mural training.

State  budget financing and financing by physical persons (contract).

  • The license value (for bachelors) – 30 persons
  • The license value (for masters) – 40 persons

The documents:

ERASMUS+ Mariupol City Council Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine