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The prestige of higher education at Pryazovskyi State Technical University is well known, both inside Ukraine and abroad. A degree from PSTU — which is a state educational institute with a Level IV (highest) Accreditation — assures graduates of employment with the leading enterprises of the country.

The University graduates are highly qualified specialists. They receive professional training with computer and language skills and specific knowledge in economics. They study under a highly competent faculty, with sound educational resources and new teaching technologies in line with the best practices at Ukrainian and European universities.

Prof.Vyacheslav S. Voloshyn, Rector


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The faculty was organized in 1975 on the basis of the Department of Heat Power Engineering of Metallurgical Production, one of the oldest departments of the university.

Degrees are offered in:

  • Heat power engineering
  • Industrial heat power engineering
  • Power engineering systems of electrical power consumption
  • Production control systems and distribution of electric energy
  • Electromehanical systems of automation and electric drive
  • Intellectual property


Department of Industrial Heat Power Engineering Installations and Heat Supply
Degree programmes in Heat Power Engineering: B / S / M / CandSc
Academic areas: industrial heat power engineering, methods of calculation for heat and mass exchange processes, heat power electrical stations (steam and gas turbines), technoecology and environment protection against hazardous discharges, energy resource management.

Department of Thermal Physics and Heat Power Engineering in Metallurgical Production
Degree programmes in Industrial Heat Power Engineering: B / S / M / CandSc

Department of Industrial Electrical Power Supply
Degree programmes in Power Engineering Systems of Electrical Power Consumption: B / S / M / CandSc
Academic areas: mathematics, physics, computer science, industrial power engineering, economics, production management, electrification of agriculture.

Department of Automation of Electrical Power Systems, Electrical Engineering and Electric Drive Systems
Degree programmes in:
- Production Control Systems and Distribution of Electric Energy B / S / M / CandSc
- Electromehanical Systems of Automation and Electric Drive: B
Academic areas: automation of electrical power control systems, automated electrical drives, electrical machines, computer science, safety and technical diagnostics in power engineering.

Department of Intellectual Property and Law
Degree programmes in Intellectual Property: M / CandSc
Provides basic courses on intellectual property for the students of the entire university. Collaborates with intellectual property bureau of iron and steel works of Mariupol and offers re-training programmes for the employees of the factory. On the other hand, the university students do research for the case studies used in the course papers and the master thesis.
Academic areas: protection and commercialization of intellectual property in small and medium business, industrial property, expertise of industrial property possessions, patents and copyright.

Department of Labour Safety and Environment Protection
Postgraduate degree of CandSc
Provides basic courses on labour safety and environment protection for the students of the entire university. Has close links with Mariupol industries for joint research and development of environment-friendly technologies. for increasing labour safety in ferrous metallurgy.
Academic areas: fundamentals of ecology, life safety, labour safety in industries, optimization of technologies for increasing labour safety in ferrous metallurgy.

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