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Scientific work in State Higher Education Institution “Pryazovskyi State Technical University” (PSTU) is an integral part of the educational process, one of the means of achieving the state training standards for professionals and top-qualification academic and teaching staff.

The professional growth of students is encouraged by the development of the student science as well as wide international connections of the University. This enables the students to participate in international course training and study abroad through international exchange programmes.

The most prominent graduates can continue their education in postgraduate and doctoral studies, defend a thesis and take the degree of Candidate or Doctor of Science. The candidates’ training is held in 18 special subjects in four fields (physico-mathematical, technical, economic sciences and technogenic safety). The doctors’ training is held in six special subjects of technical and economic sciences. The Candidate’s and Doctor’s thesis defence in administered by three specialized councils of PSTU.

The University employs 46 Doctors of Science, Professors and 229 Candidates of Science, Associate Professors, with 47 corresponding fellows of national and foreign public academic institutions.

The R&D work is conducted in the following areas meeting the main trends of innovation activity in Ukraine:

  1. development of theory and technology of physical-chemical and thermophysical processes in the blast-furnace, steelmaking and rolling production;
  2. theoretical and experimental studies of metal-working processes aimed at the development of energy-saving technologies, metal product quality enhancement and material saving;
  3. improving the reliability, durability and efficiency of machine units and components, development of technologies for renewing, strengthening and repairing the industrial equipment;
  4. improving railway, motor, sea, air, and pipeline transport, analysis of logistics and transportation issues;
  5. development of new sustainable energy and resource-saving technologies;
  6. nanotechnologies, IT, management technologies, complex automation of technological processes and production;
  7. problems of intellectual property and efficient use of intellectual recourses, improvement and launch of new market-based economic relations.

The establishment and development of the university science is related to the activity of prominent scientists, such as professors Ivan Kazantsev, Myron Medzhibozhskyi, Volodymyr Zubarev, Dmytro Starchenko, Kostyantyn Sokolov, Ivan Raspopov and Stefan Chepurkin. The results of the research, held by research teams under the direction of professors, gained international recognition. Among the professors are Yevgen Kapustin, Yevgen Kazachkov, Volodymyr Tarasov, Oleksandr Tomash, Vasyliy Kaplanov, Oleksandr Skrebtsov, Petro Kharlashin, Anatoliy Trotsan (iron-and-steel industry), Igor Zhezhelenko, Yuriy Sayenko (electric power engineering), Vyacheslav Voloshyn, Oleksiy Kapustin (ecology), Vyacheslav Royanov, Valeriy Chygarev, Volodymyr Zusin, Oleksandr Razmyshlyayev, Sergiy Gulakov, Vira Schetynina (welding and related processes), Fedir Tkachenko, Mikhaylo Shumilov, Leonid Malinov, Oleksandr Cheylyakh, Igor Tkachenko (metal science and heat treatment, material science), Mikhaylo Margulis, Anatoliy Ischenko, Volodymyr Suglobov, Sergiy Samotugin, Viktor Atriukh (mechanics, repair and strengthening technologies), Vladyslav Styrov, Viktor Grankin (physics and nanotechnologies), Volodymyr Gubenko, Vaagn Parounakian (transport technologies), Mykola Bilopolskyi, Vasyliy Sudarev, Olga Anisimova, Valeriya Kolosok (economics).

The considerable volume of academic research is held within the R&D Department that embraces basic research and applied research laboratories, interdepartmental laboratories along with departmental R&D groups. The R&D Dept. also incorporates the Departments of Intellectual Property, Marketing and Innovation Activity, R&D Organization and Planning. The annual R&D volume performed by the University under the contracts from the national budget and client enterprises reaches UAH 2-3 million.

Scientific research is conducted in the University laboratories, educational, science and innovation centres joint with National Academies of Sciences of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. The contractors of R&D are metallurgical, mechanical engineering, transportation and other enterprises and state-funded organizations of Ukraine and other countries.

The results of the University scientific work for the last decade find their reflection in 5300 journal publications, conference materials, scientific collections, 340 studies and tutorials, 350 patents for inventions and utility models of Ukraine and Russian Federation. The developments of the University are widely introduced at the enterprises of Mariupol and Donetska Oblast.

PSTU publishes four collections of research works included into the list of specialized publications of Ukraine for the results of candidate’s and doctoral theses: “Bulletin of Pryazovskyi State Technical University” /1) technical and 2) economic sciences/, “Protection of metallurgical equipment against breakdown” and “Theoretical and practical aspects of economics and intellectual property”.

PSTU cooperates with 65 institutions of higher education in Germany, Poland, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Greece, China, Egypt, Turkey, Spain, Russian Federation and other countries, participates in “Tempus” and “WeNeT” international projects and initiatives funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

The commercialization of R&D products of PSTU is dealt with by the Dept. of Marketing and Innovation Activity of the R&D Dept. The functions of the department are to promote R&D products of the University to the national and foreign markets, to acquire the income from the use of the scientific research results as well as intellectual property rights of PSTU.

The commercialization of R&D products of PSTU is dealt with by the Dept. of Marketing and Innovation Activity of the R&D Dept. The functions of the department are to promote R&D products of the University to the national and foreign markets, to acquire the income from the use of the scientific research results as well as intellectual property rights of PSTU.

The centralized information support for the scientific work is carried out by the scientific and technical library and the Dept. of Intellectual Property. Library halls, all R&D subdivisions of PSTU, automated laboratories, 47 classrooms are equipped with computers integrated into a local network connected to internet. This network ensures that scientists and students actively can actively use free-access information resources (patents data bases, search systems, PSTU repository of scientific publications, journals and books).

The scientific achievements of PSTU academicians are distinguished with numerous awards, including the golden medal of “New Time” International Invention and Technological Innovation Show for innovation developments in the field of fundamental and applied sciences; the golden medal of the prominent Romanian inventor Henry Coanda, the honorary diploma and the golden cup of the Romanian Inventors’ Forum for patented developments implemented in industry; honorary diplomas of national and international exhibition forums.

Contact Information:
State Higher Education Institution «Pryazovskyi State Technical University»
Address: vul. Universytetska, 7, Mariupol, Donetska Oblast, 87500, Ukraine
Head of Department of Marketing and Innovation
Oleksandr Vasylyovych Ryabukhin
Tel.: +38 0 629 44 64 98
Fax: +38 0 629 34 52 94

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